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Everyone has the right to roam Finland’s forests and countryside freely, no matter who owns the land, thanks to a legal concept, unique to the Nordic countries, known as Everyman’s Right.

Everyman’s Right enables Finns and foreigners alike to explore Finland’s famous forests, fells and lakes – and also freely collect natural products like tasty wild berries and mushrooms, even where they grow in privately owned forests.

“The legal concept of Everyman’s Right has developed over many generations,” explains legal expert Anne Rautiainen from the Outdoors Association of Finland. “It’s not enshrined in any single law, though its scope is well defined in many pieces of legislation on different issues.

“The fundamental idea behind Everyman’s Right is to enable everyone to freely enjoy outdoor activities that have always been popular in Finland, like walking and skiing in the forest, boating, swimming, and picking mushrooms and berries.”

Free to explore Finland’s great outdoors - thisisFINLAND (via juhavantzelfde)

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if you’re a woman, your physical appearance is a no win situation. 

there will always be someone who tells you that you look fat or you look anorexic or that they hate your hair or that you wear too much makeup or you don’t wear enough makeup or your boobs are asking for attention or your boobs are too small or your butt is too big or your butt is too small or you never dress up or you try to hard.

screw them you’re a beautiful badass.

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  • conquerthedriftYou are one of my favorite artists. I just wanted to know if you could give any advice as far as how to get into this kind of photography, as I am also trying to do something similar. Right now I am still learning to take better pictures, and you are truly an inspiration to what I want to eventually become. Also, what was it like to work with Radeo? It's one of my goals to work with her and various other suicidegirls someday.
  • richburroughs

    Thanks a lot :)

    I’ve answered something like this before but it’s been a while. Here’s maybe a shorter version:

    Shoot things besides models if you don’t have models to work with. If you take good pictures of other things, some models will see that you know how to use a camera and care about your work. I got shoots early on with models mainly based on my landscapes.

    Work with the best models you can early on, which probably means paying them. I was intimidated at first by working with experienced models, but it will help you so much. You’ll learn from them, and you won’t have to worry about helping them do their job while you are dealing with your own learning curve. Most models will negotiate their rates if they like you and your work.

    Be a nice person. Be respectful to people and keep your word. In over 4 years I’ve done something like 180+ shoots and I’ve only ever canceled or rescheduled a handful. Also, models talk to each other a lot about photographers. That can work to your advantage if you’re the kind of person they say good thing about. And don’t talk shit about other models to the ones you work with — they’ll wonder what you say about them to other people.

    I think people recognize quality. The way to work with better models is to take better pictures. That’s the most important advice, to keep working and improving the photos you take.

    As for working with Radeo, those were some of the most fun shoots I’ve had. She’s an awesome person and very down to earth for someone with such a big following. She does not believe the hype about herself. Our shoots felt more like hanging out with a friend, she is so chill. She’s a very special person and I’m grateful I got to shoot her so much last summer. I definitely recommend her very highly.

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